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Book: "Network Performance Baselining"

Title: Network Performance Baselining
Author(s): Daniel Nassar
Publisher: Sams
ISBN-10: 1578702402bps
ISBN-13: 978-1578702404

Network Performance Baselining focuses on the real world implementation of network baselining principles and shows how to measure and rate a network's performance. It includes chapters that give a real "How To" approach for standard baseline methodologies along with actual steps and processes to perform network baseline measurements. It explains the proper way to document and build a baseline report. Incuded is an extensive chapter on case studies of actual Network Baselines that Mr. Nassar and LAN Scope has preformed and a "To the Point" brief review on techniques of baselining all major LAN and WAN topologies such as Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, Frame Relay, WANs, FDDI. Also, a "Technique Reference" will be provided on the baseline and evaluation of all major network protocols such as Windows NT, Netware, TCP/IP, DecNet, Banyan, SNA and standard IBM suite protocols.