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Book: "Network Tutorial: A Complete Introduction to Networks"

Title: Network Tutorial: A Complete Introduction to Networks
Author(s): Steve Steinke
Publisher: CMP Books
ISBN-10: 157820044Xbps
ISBN-13: 978-1578200443

Efficient computer networks have become vital to success for most businesses. The Internet and intranets have extended the reach of corporate networks around the globe, adding convenience as well as complexity. This makes it important for nontechnical managers to understand at least the basics of networking. This book covers basic precepts, hardware and software components, and unique jargon. Concepts are explained clearly and simply, while the glossary provides a quick reference for unfamiliar terms.

Delivers insight and understanding about network technology to managers and executives trying to get up to speed or stay current with the complex challenges of designing, constructing, upgrading, maintaining, and managing the network infrastructure. Concepts explained clearly and the glossary provides a quick reference for unfamiliar terms. Softcover.