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Book: "Lan Management With Snmp and Rmon"

Title: Lan Management With Snmp and Rmon
Author(s): Gilbert Held
ISBN-10: 0471147362bps
ISBN-13: 978-0471147367

LAN Management with SNMP and RMON trains network administrators and managers in everything they need to know to make optimal use of these powerful network protocols and standards. Bestselling author Gil Held offers a detailed practical introduction to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), in which he describes various techniques for using SNMP. He then explains what Remote Network Monitoring (RMON) is, how it works, and how to successfully integrate it with SNMP to make your systems compliant for remote and mobile network users. He also uses a wide range of commercial software products from NetManage, LogTel Computer Communications, and Triticom to illustrate the key concepts throughout this book.

LAN Management with SNMP and RMON covers:
  • SNMP, the construction of the Management Information Base (MIB), and the use of RMON probes
  • How SNMP can be used to manage diverse products such as bridges, frame relay transmission, and even a UPS
  • RMON limitations
  • Integrating SNMP and RMON over LANs and WANs
LAN Management with SNMP and RMON is required reading for all LAN administrators, planners, and managers.