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Book: "SNMP: A Guide to Network Management"

Title: SNMP: A Guide to Network Management
Author(s): Sidnie M. Feit
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
ISBN-10: 0070203598bps
ISBN-13: 978-0070203594

Simplify SNMP Network Management. When you need reliable answers for tough SNMP-related problems, SNMP: A Guide to Network Management, by Dr. Sidnie Feit, is your instant troubleshooter. AppleTalk LAN users can't sign on to your DC Ethernet? MVS applications "choke'' on data sent from a Token-ring network? Designing a hot new enterprise network that uses SNMP, but having problems establishing a seamless and reliable line? This no-nonsense tool helps you solve all of these common problems and dozens more. It walks you through the specific data SNMP retrieves from major interfaces to help you handle everything from TCP/IP, Ethernet and Token-Ring LANs to FDDI, serial point-to-point and much more.